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"How Great is Our God" - Performed by AUMC Raindow Choir, Clkaire Rivero conductor

"Tomorrow is Christmas" - Performed by Choir Esperanza, Utrecht, The Netherlands

"You don't represent me any more" - Music Video

"Stand up" - Music Video

"You're Selling Us War (But We're Not Buying)" - Music Video

"I Stand Amazed" - Music Video

"Lord Help Us Make This World A Better Place " - Music Video

"In Times of War" - Music Video

"Under The New World Order: Tarentelle Fantastique" - Music Video

"Kyrie Eleison - Music Video

"Desperation's Army" - Music Video

"Downsized Blues" - Music Video

World Premier of "I Have Seen a Woodland at Fall", Kona, Hawaii

Fujitsu Commercial - Music by Claire Karst Rivero

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