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Fine Art Music

No One Had To Tell Us - by Claire Karst Rivero, Performed by Freya Perry
Note: This song was written in the aftermath of the revelations of church-run orphanages selling children and in some cases killing them, with bodies buried in mass graves.
I Have Seen a Woodland at Fall

Text by Alan Watts, Sung by Ingrid Harwood, Miquel Cadoy, John Galliano. Distributed by Hal Leonard Music - See the VIDEO
Tarantelle Fantastique - Listed in the Classical MIDI archives.
Fanfare for Everyman
Inner Child's Play

Published by Zimbel Press
Lulliby for Leah
Curse of Brand-X

The Lorca Song Cycle

Murio al Amanecer
Cancion Inutile
Song of the Barren Orange Tree
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